Pin Free Hijabs

August 28, 2019 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Fashion

The ladies at Ajmaan hijabs approached me to test out their pin free hijab. I have to say I was totally intrigued by this and actually didn’t believe it to be true. I have to report that it is true and I am happy since I usually lose all of my pins and end up stressing that my scarf will fly away.

I also bought another one during the Muslim Lifestyle Show in London and I have to say they are pretty good. They do stay in place and I prayed Ramadan and Taraweeh in them without worrying. I am packing mine on this trip as I like how it drapes plus it turns into a turban as well without slipping.

Initially, I had difficulty using them as they recommend, they do have a tutorial to help with that and they did show me. I decided to create my own style and I like it. I like how they are two colours and work well around my face. You can see a video on me wearing it here.