Malaysia Airlines Are Digging Themselves A Hole After Feud With Airline Blogger Who Accused Them Of Inflight Bullying

December 30, 2019 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Uncategorized

Malaysia Airlines is currently embroiled in a PR feud with popular airline blogger Josh Cahill who runs GoTravelYourWay and posted live from his Kuala Lumpur-London flight about extremely bad inflight service.

According to the (very extensive) storyline his live posts on Instagram prompted MAS officials to contact the inflight crew who then started to pressure Cahill to stop his filming and photography, at some point even refused to serve him any more food and beverage.

This is a pretty bizarre story and it once again involves Malaysia Airlines which I like and hate at the same time for various reasons. I rarely had problems with them in the air, usually all the issues happen on the ground or due to delays but this isn’t about my own experience that were already covered here.

If you’re into airline product reviews that actually focus on the inflight product Josh’s website is a good source for information and since I follow his videos for a while now he doesn’t appear to be a primadonna who complains about small things especially when flying economy which instantly lead me to believe that Malaysia Airlines must have really fouled up here.

It comes across as objective in describing the situation. I doubt though that the CEO himself answered his emails. For sure that was one of the case managers or executive assistants.

In any case it must have been enough for to catch the attention of someone at Malaysia Airlines who then sent a message to the cockpit. That didn’t sit well with the cabin crew and the cabin manager came to confront Cahill about his postings which was apparently not a pleasant experience. He again posted about this and short after got the following message from someone at Malaysia Airlines: