Is Book Depository cheaper than Amazon or other online bookstores?

Book Depository is sometimes cheaper for items with low retail price to begin with. So books costing around US$10 is more likely to be cheaper on Book Depository than on Amazon, as compared to a $20 book.

Note that shipping charge is already included into the list price on the Book Depository website. If you’re buying just one or two books, Book Depository is usually cheaper because other online bookstores have a per-shipment charge in addition to a per-item charge. So Book Depository is nice if you want to buy a book occasionally and Amazon is good if you want bulk purchases.

You can change the currency listed on Book Depository. 

It’s advisable to create an account with Book Depository before your purchase. That way, you’ll have your own account page where you can look at your history of purchases. You can also buy from Book Depository even without an account though.

For orders to turn up in your order history, you’ve to sign in before purchase. Otherwise, your order history would be the email they send you after your purchase.

Another thing to do before you buy is to search online for discount codes. Sometimes Book Depository gives out discount codes during special promotional events.

Book Depository usually ships within two days upon receiving the order. After which, it takes roughly two weeks for the delivery.

The item will be mailed to your mailbox. If it’s too large, then it will be sent to your door step – if you’re not around, a note will be left by the delivery guy (could be from Singpost or other delivery companies).

The books are usually packed in either bubble wrapped envelopes or slim cardboard packages. So far, I’ve not have any books damaged during shipping.