March 3, 2020 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Shein

1.) Look at Sizes for EVERYTHING

The sizes on Shein’s website vary…A LOT. I am anywhere from an XSmall – XLarge, depending on the clothing item I’m ordering. It really does vary that much. So, know your measurements and look at every single item’s sizing guidelines.

2.) When in Doubt, Size UP

If you’re in between sizes on an item and not sure what to order…always size up. I have yet to have this method fail me. The majority of items do seem to run on the small side. (They also just recently started carrying plus sizes!)

3.) Use Their “Promo Codes”

When you click on the item and see the price…that’s how much it’s going to be. The get “10% off with this code” , Use These Promo codes to get Benefits.

4.) Order Several Weeks Before Any Event You’re Trying to Shop For

Shipping on average takes 2 weeks. I’ve ordered from them while in the US, Japan, Australia and Russia. No matter what country I was in my order took about 2 weeks. So, their shipping estimates are quite accurate. However, if you’re trying to dress for a specific event, don’t risk it! Order at least 3 weeks in advance! Also, shipping costs are quite reasonable. It’s free for US orders over $50 and only $3.99 for orders less than $50. Click here to see other country’s rates.

5.) For Best Results – Order Dresses, Skirts & Tops (and Read Reviews)

I’ve had the best luck with dresses, skirts and tops. The quality seems to be higher in these items. They’re also not getting as much wear and tear as outerwear and shoes tend to get. I’ve always been underwhelmed with outerwear orders, and my friend Shannon has ordered their shoes. While they are nice looking shoes, she, unfortunately, had the heel snap off after a few months of wear. So, I have not been tempted to order their shoes yet for this reason.

Shein also has a pretty good review section. Many people upload helpful reviews and photos of the items they ordered. So, certainly check out reviews before ordering too!