3 Reasons You’ll Love Chewy If You Have Pets

November 12, 2021 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Pets

As many of you know, I’m pet obsessed. We have a mastiff who is basically my child (and shows up in all of my books) and six rescue cats. We have a full house, which means we’re never done buying pet supplies.

I’ve tried so many companies and sites over the years for my pet supplies, but one of my all-time favorites is Chewy. Whether it’s scheduling auto shipments for the items you regularly need or finding fun gifts to make every special occasion great, Chewy has literally everything you could need for your pet. Here are some of the reasons I absolutely love Chewy, and why you should check them out.

1. The most amazing variety of pet supplies

I love that I can find anything I could ever want on Chewy. I mean, they have the regular items that I use a lot and put on auto-ship: vitamins for Henry, cat litter, cat food, dog food. But the other reason I love their site is that they have really unique items.

I have a cat who is finicky with the litter box, so we had to have one in a very conspicuous area. I found one on Chewy that looks like a potted plant (Like seriously…people have complimented our plant in our home it looks that good). They have so many unique items just like this. Our mastiff also takes vitamins that are really hard to find, but Chewy has them so I was able to auto-ship them. I love this feature because it is convenient but also you can save money from an auto-ship on the items you use all the time.

​From items for your pet’s health to fun items, Chewy has so many more options than any other pet store.

2. Amazing Deals and Prices

Whenever I need an item, I always go to Chewy first because they have way lower prices than their competitors. The auto-ship option saves me money on the regular items, but they also have so many sales. I am always able to find the items I need for way cheaper, such as their pet crates and carriers as well as dog beds.

I love that they offer free shipping over $49, too, which is really nice and a good threshold, I think. You can also find great coupons to get extra off your order. Slickdeals is a great place to look for Chewy coupons because they always have the best deals. They are my go-to for promo codes for the site, and I love that you can actually even set up a notification at Slickdeals so you don’t miss a new Chewy discount. With as much pet stuff as I am always buying, this is such a helpful feature that ensures I buy at the best time.

3. Awesome Customer Service

Chewy is there 24/7 to answer questions, which is a really nice feature. They are so helpful if you are looking for an item or have an issue with a shipment. I have never had an issue, and my items always ship so fast.

I love, too, that Chewy really loves their customers. They do fun things like send out random pet portraits to their customers. I actually got one of my mastiff, Henry, last year, and it was such a nice touch. It actually was handpainted.

They are quick to respond to emails, and if you have some sort of issue, you can rest assured that they treat their customers well.

Have you shopped with Chewy? Tell me in the comments about what your favorite items are to buy from them.